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Radhe Krsna,

Dear friends ,
Hope you are all doing great with the blessings of divine grace. Yesterday I was talking to a friend whom I met recently. He asked me what my ambition was! I reflected for a while and then replied : to protect mother earth.I see her more important than my biological mother who has given me shelter in her womb for around 10 months and under her wings until I get married.But mother earth , whom I dearly call , Bhoodevi thaayar , gives shelter to me until I reside in this world and a place after I leave my body. As we are NRIs, many ask us to invest on plots which I am very against to do. If only we buy a plot, it should be in a place where the construction can be started immediately and surrounded by homes , not farm lands. I am very against to buying plots that have been created by destroying agricultural lands in remote place where the possibilities of forming civil colonies filled with homes are as remote as the place itself.

I also guess we should all aim to reduce the unnecessary wastes that is dumped on our beloved mother Bhu Devi. Every one has a biological mother and needless to say we all love her. For many, It is very hard to love and respect someone else without expecting anything in return. Children of mother earth have become very selfish and that’s the reason we see violence and hatred everywhere . I believe this is the reason that even in places like India where women was believed to be godlike, women are now treated very poorly and as a result we see many distressing incidents against them.

We don’t share love and respect on a mutual platform. Every one has their own philosophies, own religion, own ways to connect to & with the Almighty (in my case , It’s Sri Krsna 🙂 ). But do we have to feel other religion is different from ours? Other names of denoting the almighty are not as powerful as the one we are used to ? If we look up to the history, we should know how many wars and crimes were done in the name of Almighty and religion. For instance, Nobody questions and tries to change me if I say I like blue color or No body argues with me if I say like vegetable okra(ladies finger, bendi, bendakai, vendakkai) . No body forces me to change my views on matters such as which color I like or which fruit I like. But when I say, I am from this religion and worship my almighty with this name , some try to convert my beliefs by describing other religions are fake and other names for God is not right but blasphemous.

Every language has a different dialects and phonetics. Not all the languages sound similar. Perumane is a way to call Baghavan or almighty in a respectable way. That is how we call Him, the almighty Sri Krsna ,in Tamil. That’s how even Christians call their almighty (yesu pirane or yesu perumane , yesu nathane) in Tamil. every name in sanskrit means particular amsam or specific attribute of Almighty. I guess names such as Allah and Krsna would mean all attractive, omnipotent, omnipresent. We don’t go and tell a Tamil-speaking child to call his mother “mummy ” or a North Indian to call his mummy “thalli” (which is Telugu version of the word mother) . When it comes to the name of Almighty , we fight and argue over the differences of these ways and philosophies to reach him. While there are matter such as religion and doctrines differ from person to person, there are some thing which could not be denied by anyone who is born in this world. Yes, there is something we all can’t deny which is common for everyone regardless of the religions we follow , region we are from and a language we speak. Our love for mother earth and the responsibility in taking care of her are what I believe should be common for every one.If we try to unite with the mutual love and respect on our common ever-caring and highly tolerant mother-earth , we can be enlightened easily with the knowledge of reaching our eternal father. There is no point in honoring father by torturing and abusing our mother.

No body can deny that it is our beloved mother earth who has given a shelter to us and has given a shelter to our ancestors and is going to give shelter to our future generation until she exhausts and be destroyed completely. If we treat her with respect she deserves and with love she deserves, she will not be ruined like this this.
In India , One state refuses to give water to other state and builds dams and reservoirs to stop the water to reach other states. If we think it’s only one mother and all the lands on this earth are part of her body, we will not do such things. We won’t harm a leg to protect the leg or won’t eat food only enough to nourish our head. Every part of our body is very important. What is the point of letting other parts of mother earth go dry, barren and deforested while we boast some part of her look beautiful?

I have strengthened my ambitions again this new year and seeking His blessings and divine guidance to help me stay motivated on them. Protect and nourish mother earth.
1. No more unusable plastic containers and plastic covers.
2.use the existing plastics for ever and never throw them in bin and only recycle them with appropriate resources
3.buy enough clothes and eat enough food
4.help mother earth remain clean in every possible way by not throwing rubbish on her just to prove laziness or save little time
5.try to encourage agricultural business and farmers
6.use biodegradable things
7.learn about environmental science with the view of protecting mother earth.
8.Inspire others by action , not words
9.looking forward to improve my knowledge for the well-being of mother earth by keeping my mind open
10.Educating younger generation to care our mother earth and mother nature
11.Motivate farmer and agricultural business to use earth-friendly procedures and methods to protect mother earth
12.contribute towards the well-being of mother earth by action

Please kindly add your valuable suggestion and plans to help protect mother earth.

Best regards,

P.S: The suicidal rates among the farmers of Cauvery-delta region in Tanjure district, Tamil Nadu , India is very disturbing . Are these issues something which can’t be prevented or beyond human-control? How can we expect mother nature to be very generous and kind to us (no tsunamis, no earth quakes , no floods , no drought, no this and no that) while we won’t do anything generous and loving from our side by not even letting the water go in its own course from one region to another?How any one can differentiate one region from other and claim ownership of certain part of mother earth alone and neglect other part of her to go ruined when every bit of this earth is herself?

A short story : A mother had four children. Each of them said they loved their mother very dearly and wanted to take care of her. They came to an agreement that they should divide her mother equally into four parts. A part up to face and a part before belly and a part up to thigh a part up to her legs. As they lived in different places, they thought it would be better to take the portion that belonged to each of them so that they could take care of their portions without the worry of trespassing the portions of others. So each of them took with them only the portion that belonged to them and tried to look after that part of the body alone from their homes. Alas! Without the other part of the body, each portion of their mother’s body perished and none of them were able to protect or save their mother. As a result of their own action, they all lost the mother whom they thought they loved dearly. Even after the death of their mother who silently agreed to what ever her children wished without complaining even when they were dividing her with their selfish motives, her children blamed each other for the failure saying the others have not taken care of their portions properly.

This short story might seem ridiculous or unrealistic. But this is a real story and this is what we are doing under the name of patriotism, nationalism, regionalism , etc. Even people separate themselves from one area to another within a same village that is not even about one square kilo meter. How can our mother earth be benefited from such silly attitudes of her children?

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