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Srimathe Ramanujya:
Sri embar jeeyar thiruvadigale charanam!

Eppo Vareal? (When are you coming back?)

Adiyen was blessed enough to hear the voice of Acharyar yesterday. The day being, Guru Purnima, it was an humbling experience to receive mangala sasanam from Acharyar Sri Sri Embar Jeeyar Swamingal.
As adiyen offered my prayers and respects to Sri Sri acharyar, the first question he asked was Ëppo varreal? (meaning eppo vareengo or when are you coming back?)”. Adiyen went speechless. It made adiyen cry and, being a very merciful and compassionate azwaneyana enathacharyan, consoled adiyen and recommended to perform my duty well until the time would come.

Adiyen realised it is not Krsna or anyone for that matter who prevents us from performing bhagavath and acharyan kaimgaryam but our own karma (excessive attachment to what we are doing even though they are not the prescribed duties of sri vaishnavas) that makes it harder to take complete saranagathy at the lotus feet of Udayavar and acharyar and engage in Bhaagavatha kaimgaryam. While adiyen keeps finding excuses to justify adiyen’s ignorance, adiyen prays acharyan and his lotus feet to give adiyen strength to return to the service of Acharyar and Jagadguru Udayavar.

Happy Guru Poornima to you all!

karmany evadhikaras te
ma phalesu kadacana
ma karma-phala-hetur bhur
ma te sango ‘stv akarmani

You have full authority to do your duty. But you have no authority ( or control ) over what will be the outcome or fruit of your action. Never become the cause of the outcome of your duties. Please do not shirk your duty either (thinking you are neither a doer nor the enjoyer).

( It appears Krsna advises us not to worry about controlling the outcome of our action as it not only would affect the quality of performance of duty but also would make one get very distracted and can potentially stop a person from doing the duty itself.

It also appears that Krsna in fact advises us never to become the doer of our actions and enjoy the success or lament the failure. It also means one must understand the dharma ( responsibility) behind delivering the prescribed duty. )

Text 48

yoga-sthah kuru karmani
sangam tyaktva dhananjaya
siddhy-asiddhyoh samo bhutva
samatvam yoga ucyate

O Arjuna, stay focused in your yogam and do your duty in a detached state by treating both successful and unsuccessful accomplishment of duty equal or alike. Such state of equilibrium is called Yogam (budhi yogam).

Text 51

karma-jam buddhi-yukta hi
phalam tyaktva manisinah
padam gacchanty anamayam

The gnanis, who give up the fruits of action by being situated in budhi yogam get liberated from the circle of birth and death and hence reach parama padam which is beyond all miseries.

In this sloka, Krsna says clearly that performing karma with budhi yogam is also one of the means to attain saranagathi.

This is what Bakthas like Vibishanar and Sukreevar did. They used their budhi to perrform yoogam which is serving Perumal to attain eternalliberation while Kumba karnan and Vali failed to perform as they were attached to the outcome of their duty.

Karnan is also another example who failed to fix on budhi yogam and deliver his duty in spite of the valiance and intelligence he had, as he was attached to the outcome of what Duryodanan has given to him, His kingdoam and the status that came through it. Duryodana made Krana a King, elevated his position among Pandavas. So Karna performed all his duty of supporting Duryodanan under the influence of repaying his debt (senjotruk kadan in tamil).

another example adiyen would like to use is from the life of Karna’s.

The duty of first son is to protect mother and his siblings which he failed to deliver due to his attachment towards good name, status and senjotru kadan. All karna could have done was, to go to Duryodan and explain everything to him and say he would support Pandavas or not support anyone. Because fighting against either of them would not help him perform his duty at his best as he could not fix his budhi on neither of these obligations.

He gave words to Kunti not to kill any of her sons other than Arjuna (or only one of her sons). By doing this he failed Duryodnana. By fighting against Arjuna, Karna only raised doubts among people that he was still disturbed by the fact that Arjuna got the fame which Karna thought he might have deserved if Dronacharyar had accepted Karna as his disciple. He could have chosen less strong warriors in comparison with his skills like Nakhula or Sahadeva if he had actually wanted to help Duryodana win the battle.

Often, adiyen relates myself to the position and dilemma of Karna. Adiyen very well knows that adiyen should serve acharyan and alwars in their Divya Desam . But adiyen gives excuses using my intelligence and gnanam that I am obliged to look after my family in Sydney, etc and pray to Krsna to help me achieve the required saranagathi as though it is some formula that can be changed only by Him.

This is just adiyen’s ahankaram only as there is no righteous reason to tie me in Sydney. Samsara saharam is the hurdle which needs to be overcome with the blessings of Acharyan. But adiyen is willing to put both of adiyen’s legs in its clutches and try to create a sorry figure like Karna or use my intelligence to justify everything that stops me from not doing this. More shame that I in fact put Krsna himself accountable for not helping me or giving me enough strength to perform duties prescribed for adiyen!

Karnanin ahankarathai vathaitha kannane
adiyenin ahankaraththayum podithu acharyanidam sendru serkum vairakkiyaththai thaa… (Ho adiyen still asks Kanna to give adiyen Vairakyam… Hard to change habits , when am I going to become the humble servant who do not seek but serve)

Acharyar thiruvadigale charanam!

Adiyen Embar Dasyai.

Note:- The above slokas are form Bagavat Gita, chapter 2.
Note 2: Adiyen do not intend to advise any one through my posts as adiyen shares only what adiyen expereinces. Adiyen respects all jivathmas including Karna and Duryodana. So requesting everyone not to take my posts seriously as they are intended to correct adiyen’s shortcomings only and not to criticise Karna or Duryodhana or anyone else other than my own failing jivathma.

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Bhagavad Sri Annamacarya’s Kirtanamulu / kirtans

Ekkadi manusha janmamu bettina palame unnadi

This is one of the superb yet very down to earth kirtans written by Sriman Annamacarya for the people like me who are not perfect but still desiring to serve the lord . I am such a poor soul that I am not very sincere and not giving my best to be sincere as well. I can’t use words like ‘people like me’ as I genuinely feel it will be almost impossible to find an another person like me . So kindly accept my heartfelt and genuine appologies in advance for usings phrases like this .Whenever I feel very bad , I think of this kirtan and sing it for Him , my divine Lord Sri Krsna, requesting him to accept a imperfect soul like me ..

The speciality of Sriman Annamacarya’s kirtans are , they are not written to express his feelings but the common people like me. He was very kind and considerate that he wrote this beautiful kirtan for even a soul like me to pour my heart out unto the lotus feet of Sri Krsna .

You can hear this soul stirring kirtanam sung by various singers on Internet or YouTube and learn it as well. I hope this lyrics given here may be of some little help if you need the lyrics of this beautiful song.

Note :- I have heard that this is actually a beautiful composition written by Sri Pedda Tirumalacharya, the elder son of Annamacharya who followed his father’s line in composing songs for Sri venkatachalapathy.
Courtesy :annamachaarya-lyricsDotblogspotDotCom

English lyrics:

srimad vadiya charitamrutha mannayaaarya-2
sri thvaabi naiva suhithaa manuja batheyuhu
tvam venkata chalapatheriva bakthi saaram -2
sri taala paaga guru deva -2
namo namasthe namo namasthe

pa|| ekkaDi mAnuSha janmaM bettina PalamE munnadi |
nikkamu ninnE nammiti nI cittaMbikanu ||
ca|| maravanu AhAraMbunu maravanu saMsAra suKamu |
maravanu yiMdriya BOgamu mAdhava nI mAya |
maraceda sumGNAnaMbunu maraceda tattva rahaSyamu |
maraceda guruvunu daivamu mAdhava nI mAya ||
ca|| viDuvanu pApamu puNyamu viDuvanu nA durguNamulu |
viDuvanu mikkili yAsalu viShNuDa nImAya |
viDiceda ShaTkarmaMbulu viDiceda vairAgyaMbunu |
viDiceda nAcAraMbunu viShNuDa nImAya ||
ca|| tagileda bahu laMpaTamula tagileda bahu baMdhambula |
tagulanu mOkShapu mArgamu talapuna yeMtainA |
agapaDi SrI vEMkaTESvara aMtaryAmivai |
nagi nagi nanu nIvEliti nAkA yImAya ||

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