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The mercy of Lord Govinda!

According to Sri Vaishnava principles, one should not leave Lord Hari’s and Acharyan’s divya Desams and especially cross ocean ! adiyen was ignorant and hardly knew or cared these things when adiyen got married !! But Acharyan and Lord were kind enough to accept adiyen and adiyen’s family under their shelter ..  While offering bhoga to The Lord Govinda, it is strictly recommended to offer it with fresh tulasi, fresh fragrant flowers like Jasmin and Lotus and  fresh fruits such as Bananas and  Mangos! adiyen live in a place where they are hard find mostly due to lack of efforts from this adiyen.  Since the day Adiyen realised the importance of serving Lolrd and acharyan, not a single day passed thinking about the misery of not able to serve at least ‘patram , pushpam , palam and toyam’ to Lord Govinda and Acharyan in a proper vedic-style and without longing to go back and serve Them in our Divya Desam !! This insincere adiyen is tied through samsara bandham. Only Lord Hari, as He released Gajendra from the clutches of Huhu(crocodile ), can save this insincere soul from the clutches of samsara.

When adiyen looked at the pictures taken couple of days ago on Sri Jayanthi day, adiyen felt Lord Has finally arrived in the form of Hari .. I hope He will soon release me from all the clutches and make me a pure devotee ..

When adiyen served the Lord Govinda His Bhojanam on Sri Jayanthi Day, adiyen has attempted to serve it so it would look pleasing to the Lotus-eyes of Lord. adiyen used a mould to serve the rice so it would look like govardhana hill in the middle of the Plate with a cow-ghee on the top of it. Within moments of serving , the bhojanam looked like below.  Adiyen felt Lord has personally appeared and taken few mouths. adiyen knows adiyen sounds crazy , may be crazy but crazy about Krsna.

வைத்துதர நல்துளசியோ சூடக்கொடுக்க புதுப்பூவோ
ஊதிக்கொடுக்க நருங்கனியொ இல்லையே கண்ணணுக்கு
என்றெண்ணாத நாளும் உணர்ந்தபின் சென்றதில்லை
சிறைப்படவெ கடல் தாண்டிணோம் காகுத்தா என்றாலும்
மீட்டெடுக்க நீயும் துள்ளினாய் அன்றோ மத்ஸயமாய்
எம்முலகளந்தாய் நாரணணே என்றோ உத்தமனாய்
கண்டருளப் பண்ணீயதைக் கொண்டருளிய கோவிந்தா
நீ அன்னாடம் எம்மோடிருக்க என்னாடும் கோகுலமே !

-Adiyen Ramanuja Embar Dasyai

Radhe Krishna's photo.Radhe Krishna's photo.

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Seimathe Ramanujaya Namaha!

Radhe Krsna all,

We celebrated KrsnaJaynthi  from 16th August 2014 through 19th August 2014. Since we are Telugu, we celebrated Sri Jayanthi one month in advance as that was when all my family members in India also celebrated. It also normally coincides with the celebration of North Indian states including Madhura/Gogulam/Vrindavan where Lord Krsna was born ,brought up and performed all pastimes.

Adiyen came to know KrsnaJayanthi is celebrated on a different date in Tamil Nadu later though a friend of mine . What a bonus !!! As our Tamil Nadu is the place where the great devotees of Lord such as Alwars , Sri Ramanujar and Sri Appan Parakala Ramauja Embar Jeeyar were born, it is no wonder the great devotees and their descendants would plan to celebrate Janmashtami this month in a very grand way. Adiyen was very glad to know we could celebrate Janmashtami twice a year 🙂


On Saturday , We hosted a small celebration for Lord Sri Govinda with friends and children. We did uri adithal , chariot festival and boat festival for the Lord in a simple yet devoted way. My friends and my mother did most of the work as adiyen was as usual busy with tension and day dreaming about how to organise the event in stead of organising anything !!! Adiyen may need few janmam to put any of my thoughts into action or start doing little kaimgaryam. Adiyen promised myself that adiyen would do better next year as the way a promise was made by adiyen last year 🙂


Adiyen have got a very wonderful friends and community in Sydney who did such a beautiful job. My friends did everything from the kolam to preparing pinate /uri panai filled with chocolates, kadalai urundai, burfis and til/yellu/nuvvulu urundai in stead of butter for the children to experience fun and kolagalam in Krsna-way.


Please watch some of the celebration of Lord Govinda at Sydney below in this post. My mother and adiyen made few snacks and sweets with simple meals for Krsna as neivedyam . My mother made all the snacks without my help and adiyen made all the sweet items with the help of my mother.

Snacks: Thenguzhal, Butter chakkillu/Murukku  , Cheedai and Ribbon Pakoras

Sweets: Thirattu pal, Malpua, kadalai/peanut urundai, till/nuvvulu/yellu urundai, Cashew urundai

Neivedyam – Bhogam – Manjal pongal, Venpongal, chatni, Vadapappu/gosmalli, spicy buttermilk, fresh yogurt and Aval/poha with Achu vellam and fresh butter


Lord was given thirumanjanam. See how dark and glowing Lord has become after taking thirumanjanam. Adiyen know it might sound crazy to some but like a small child, Lord was very adamant when we tried to remove His earrings as we wanted to put a matching earring. Then we gave up our attempt 🙂 Look the pride on the face of Lord in His new Birthday dress, adiyen is very sure that you can see the difference in these pictures yourself! Please see how Lord in the old dress and Lord in the new birth day dress 🙂 look different.

Celebrate Lord’s Jayanthi on every day and have kolagalam like Gopis with the Lord.


IMG_0519 IMG_0520 IMG_0522 IMG_0532 IMG_0544 IMG_0545 IMG_0569 IMG_0579 IMG_0583 IMG_0586 IMG_0605 IMG_0609 IMG_0567 IMG_0603 IMG_0541


 Happy SriJayanthi and Gokulashtami.





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Sri Emabr thiruvadigale charanam!
Radhe Krsna swamins,

Namaskarams. The first Saturday of Puratasi masam falls on 20th September 2014 this year. Sri Vaishnava community and the followers of Sri Venkatachalapathy celebrate Mavilakku vaibavam for Perumal during the 1st, 3rd and 5th(If any) Saturdays of Puratasi month .  Although Sri Vaishnavas do not attempt to seek anything while performing this vaibavam as they have taken complete prapatti at the Lotus feet of Lord Govinda, they do enjoy celebrating pastime of Lord Sri Hari in order to pass their time 🙂

This Pooja  is usually performed when there is no Utsavam and the dwajaarohanam/ garuda/senai mudhaliyar flag is hoisted in the local Perumal Kovil and especially Thirupathi Perumal Kovil; So finding a Saturday when the Dwajaarohanam is not peformed is very difficult. The reason is, when the dwajaarohan is performed, Lord and devathi devas will be personally present in the shrine of Perumal kovil where the Lord’s urchavam is celebrated. It is their commitment that they are personally present to give Seva to the baktha Kodigal and is not the right time to disturb Them.  In such case , Puratasi shravana thirunakashatram or any day suiting the convenience of Bhagavatha Bandhus can be chosen to perform this pooja. (Adiyen know many would say ” Lord is present everywhere ..! In that case, we do not need to perform any poojas for Him to invoke..” . Yes, true. But lord is present in the form of  Parabrahmam everywhere. But His Divine Thirukolam is always special and unique. To have His Divie Thirukolam at our home and to seek prapatti, we all perform these pastimes of Lord Hari such as worshipping Sri Salagrama Perumal and Archa Moorthy / Vigraha. And our Lord Govinda does reciprocate the Bhava of bhakthas )

Adiyen has tried to summarise the significance of celebrating Puratasi sanivaram :

It is believed that Lord Govinda has manifested Himself  along with His entire paraphernalia to perform His divine pastime on Thirumala Thirupati, our buloka vaikuntham  during this month and returned to Sri Vaikuntham after performing His leela during this Month as well.

When Lord Govinda left to Sri Vaikuntham, Sage Naradar, one of the great devotees of Lord Govinda, approached him and enquired how people could have darshan of Lord again on Bhulokam and attain his Lotus feet as he was always concerned about liberating us from the samsara sagaram (ocean of birth / death) . Lord advised sage Narada that He would take special interest on the devotees who fast on Puratasi sanivaram (Saturday) from material desires and feast on Lord’s glorifications to fasten their bakthi and mukthi.

Prapatti or complete sharanagathi is granted through Sri Vaishnava Acharyars. But it is not easy to get the acharyar sambandham even though the acharyars are always looking forward to having smabandham with everyone who seeks prapatti. It is assumed that one need to have genuine devotion/interest/commitment in this act and then the Lod Himself arranges the Acharyar. The another hard part is, remaining  as prapanna in the karmic world not influenced by the material desires. So Narada requested Lord once again to take mercy on all of the manushas / manuda piravigal(human-beings) regardless of their status in the levels of saranagathi/prapatti/bakthi. Our Lord Govinda , who managed and controlled the rebellious cows in Vrindavan, understood the sincere desire of sage Narada so He granted the following boon for the sake of helping all of us out from the miseries of this world. Lord Balaji committed that He would personally manifest in the homes of His devotees wherever the devotees want the lord to appear and make them experience the nectar of serving Him at Sri Vaikuntham hastening their process of saranagathi.

Another belief is , the people who suffer from the dhosham of sani baghavan also perform this pooja in order to get relief as Sani Bhagavan cannot harm the worshippers of  Perumal . Sri vaishnavas do not worry about this as they believe one suffer due to their own karma palan and not because of anything else. Also according to the Shastram and puranam, All navagraham are said to wait at the doorstep of Perumal kovil so that they could collect the dust particles of Sri Vaishnava devotees for inflicting such miseries upon all human beings and living entities 🙂 that did not spare Lord Rama’s devotees during Ramayanam time (This is the reason one would not find any navagraham in Perumal Kovil) !!

Just imagine a day when a guest arrives to our home. We will prepare our home – clean it, decorate it and prepare delicacies that our guest will like –  so that the guest enjoys his/her stay ! When we take such a care to host a guest, just imagine how much care we need to take when the Lord arrives to our place with His Consorts Sri Devi and Bhudevi Thayaargal and all other parivarams. So our elders have recommended the following procedures to welcome Lord and enjoy His presence.

On the chosen day, wake up preferably in the brahma muhurtham (4.30 am – 5.00 am) that is when all devadi devas perform sthothrams and poojas for Perumal. So it’s considered very auspicious. Take gangasnan (head bath) and wear a clean dress. Silk is considered divine even if it is not washed. You get ahimsa-silk these days that does not harm anyone except  your husband’s heart and his bank balance 🙂 if you spend his money like me:) Put Gopi chandanam or Sri choornam on your forehead. Decorate yourself with mangala aparanangal and thiruman kappu to impress Perumal. ( “Even though He is impressed with a cotton dress, tulasi malai, patram , pushpam , palam and toyam, all the opulence we have in our life is given by Him so let us start using it for only pleasing Him and slowly we will reduce our pleasure in chasing after material gains” – is adiyen’s policy. )

Doing any pooja in the early hours is highly recommended. If you can’t finish entire menu soon, you can always omit few and include only few items like venpongal, kothsu, vadai,akkaraiadisil and puliyodarai which are favourite for Thirupathi Perumal.

1.Clean the place where you want to keep the MAvilaku and decorate the place with padikkolam (Kolam done with Pacharisi  mavu / raw rice flour and border it with red colour). This will be preferably your Pooja room or the place where you keep the Archa Moorthy of Lord. Keep Lord’s picture or deity before the place.

2.Decorate the place with fresh flowers

3.Take a plate that is used  for pooja purpose alone , decorate it with manjal and kungumam (turmeric and kumkum) and keep that in this place. Then put prepared rice flour mix (Please see below for the recipe) on the plate so it can resemble sevenhills/Thirumala

4.Keep pair of broken coconuts on the sides of the plate along with few elakkai and cashew nuts

5.Keep pair of vetrilai (Betal leaves)  and vazhai pazham(Banana) on the sides of the plate as well

6.Make three holes in the prepared rice flour and  keep the vilakku thiri (lamp -thread) in them and pour pure cow-ghee (Pasu nei) in the hole. The hole will resemble a small lamp (agal vilakku holding the Ghee and thiri/cotton thread.

7.Now chant the thirunamam of Lord Govinda and light the lamps

8.Offer lord sagalavitha mariyathaigal (all due respects) while chanting his nama sankirtanam such as namaskaram when He arrives, offer Him vastram, offer Him theertham for His snanam, offer him pushpam in place of towel to dry His Divine body, offer him Vastram (small piece of New silk cloth will be offered or cotton thiri malai will be offered to the Archa Moorthy), offer pushpams/flowers as though decorating Lord with thiruman kappu and divya ornaments, then Glorify Lord with His Thirunamam and perform nama sankirthanam, offer dhupam and deepam, then offer  neivedyam, pazham(fruits) and thampoolam and then offer theertham for washing Lords lotus hands and Lotus mouth, offer pushpam to dry His Lotus Hands and Lotusmouth, offer flowers and request Lord to forgive you for the mistakes done knowingly and unknowingly in worshipping Him ; Finally offer camphor / ghee-lamp to request Lord to take rest on Adi seshan by singing mangalam.  ( I am sure if you follow this with bakthi and prapatti , through the mercy of all  Vaishnava Acharyars, Lord will never leave your place 🙂

9.Keep the size of lamp in the flour slightly bigger so Lord stays until you offer all these mariyadaigal. The Deepa oli in the Lamp is considered Lord. Normally the central lamp is where Lord Manifest and the two sides are where Lord’s consorts manifest. Some will light two lamps. Adiyen lights only one as I consider Lord and His cosnorts are inseparable and stay together. This is all family tradition so please check with your parents about this custom. I make large Lamp to have longer darshan of  Deepa Oli Perumal

10.When the lit lamp is about to finish, that is when the Lord is ready to ascend back to Bhuloka Vaikuntham / thiruvenkatam. This is called Perumal Malaiyerum vaibavam . (In our case where Lord does not leave :), we may assume He is retiring to his sayanam!)

11.Chant Lord’s nama sankirthanam and distribute Prasadam along with Mavilakku .

Preparation of rice flour for Ma vilakku :
1.Soak 2 cups of raw rice in water for about 3 hours , drain and dry it . Then powder it finely using mixer / blender.
2.Powder 3/4-11/4 (depending upon your choice) cup of Jaggery and mix the jiggery into this rice flour
3.Use this mixture for the MAvilakku.

After the Pooja is over, scrape the coconut , crush the cardamom and cashew that were offered to the lord  and mix this mixture into the Mavilaku mix after removing the vilaku thiri (some do not remove the thiri but adiyen remove the thiri ).  Offer this mixture along with other prasadam to the assembled devotees. (Some add grated coconut, cardamom, cashew with a spoon of ghee, pinch of saffron soaked in milk and a pinch of turmeric in the rice flour while making the Mavilaku itself.. Adiyen do this way 🙂 pinch of pachai karpooram(cooking camphor) can be added if you have it.

A Sample Puratasi Sanivaram Menu:

Sweets:  Akkaraiadisil/thirukannamuthu , thirattupal , laddu , jilebi(thirumala style)  …(as many as you like and can)

Karam: karupulundu/Milagu vadai , Thenguzhal, murukku .. …(as many as you like and can)


1.Vadapappu (Kosmalli), 2 Venpongal, 3. satramudhu/charu/rasam 3.paruppu/muddhapappu 4.Perugu pachadi/thayir pachadi 5.brinjal kothsu 6.kariyamudhu preferably with raw banana/okra/brinjal/capsicum/beans7.Puliyodarai 8.Milagorai 9.Dhajonnam /Curd rice 10.

Accompaniment: Panagam , spicy buttermilk, vennai/butter , thayir/curd  , aval/flatrice/poha with jiggery with as many fruits as you can..

Thamboolam: sweetened fennel seeds/ desiccated coconuts and dry fruits and spices

Note: While offering neivedyam, you can chant thirupavai to Lord Govinda. There are many nama sankirthanam on Lord Sriman Narayana, especially on His avataram such as Lord Sri Krsna and Sri Rama. It is said that thayar Sri Mahalakshmi stays longer in a house where one glorifies Her husband. Once we stop glorifying His Thirunamam and sing something else , Thayar urges Her husband to leave the place and look for other place where She can listen to Her husband’s glorification:) That is why sranagathi is done through Thayar , He listens to only Her and She praises and prefers to listen to only His glorifications!!! How different from our material world , that is why these Vaidhika poojas help us serve our family and our community also very well as they teach us moral values , respect everyone 🙂

Celebrate Lord and take complete shelter at His Lotus Feet for He never stops taking care of us even though we think we need all these rituals to please Him out of our ignorance … The rituals are meant to pass our time in the glorifications of Lord (and also to tie Lord Govinda with our love like Mother Yashoda and Gopis) !!!!!
Happy Puratasi Sanivaram Vaibavam. May Lord stay at your home forever !!!

Shyama Ramanuja Dasyai

PS1 : Many people work these days and live abroad where it is hard to invite sumangalis for Thamboolam. So you may choose to do the pooja in the evening. As long as you take bath in the evening again and do with pure heart, Perumal will accept it. Shastras suggest that the kaliyuga dharmam is not in mere rituals but in pure nama sankirthanam. But adiyongal do always in the morning as we try to stick to the rules as much as we could. ‘Service is compromising our values for Lord’s sake and not expecting the Lord to compromise’ is adiyongal’s humble belief.

PS2: Sanivaram shravana nakshatram is very special but it is a very rare combination. So puratasi masam shravana nakshatram (Perumal’s birth star)  is also an ideal day to celebrate this MaviLakkyu vaibhavam. You can celebrate Kannan any number of days & any number of times , karumbu thinna kooli 🙂

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