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RadheKrsna mithras,

Adiyongal made an unplanned trip to Port Macquarie, the Thirupaarkadal of Australia. We stayed very close to the lovely beaches created by Krsna as part of Prakruthi (nature). The camping area , was just a hundred meter away from Thiruparkadal.

Adiyen had a sincere plan to go to temple on Vaikunda Ekadasi day until my monthly cycle started just a few day before Ekadasi. Adiyen felt very frustrated as my cycle unfortunately would last more than five days, not three days as others. Adiyen is very apologetic for sharing such a sensitive matter, but many times adiyen wonder what women can do if she is considered not fit/clean to go to temple during these days! Adiyen had not participated in many poojas and visakam due to this very same reason while others/ swamins would keep asking why adiyen did not attend.

While it is a shame that women can’t attend poojas, go to temple and participate in auspicious activities in our sanadhana dharma on certain days, adiyen never felt comfortable going against these rules as well for the respect of people who practice it sincerely and believe in it. This has, in one way helped me visit harekrsna temples more often as they don’t stipulate such rules keeping Krsna closer to adiyen as the heart of adiyen is also at the lotus feet of Krsna.

This year, again adiyen being in such unfortunate circumstance, Prem swami and children decided to help adiyen expereince vaikunta vasal experience yet not compromising  the tradition. Children came up with the idea of going to Thiruparkadal and Prem swami took care of the rest. We spent entire ekadasi night in the diamond beach, Thiruparkadal of Australia 😊 The beach was clean, sand was so white, and the experience was so blissful. The night was dark like Krsna when suddenly few people in a caravan stopped nearby who wanted to experience the beauty of beach in the middle of night. When they flashed the head light on the beach , Prem saw the images of Krsna, Rama and Narasimma outlined on the nearby trees. Out of humbleness, he admitted it could have been the illusion caused by the shades of leaves and his own imagination.

Adiyen would have made a scene out of such divine experience as adiyen was also next to him and could not get this higher taste. Krsna chose Prem to experience this bliss while I was half drowsing by the lullaby of mother Mahalakshmi and reciting Bagavad gita sloka like a tape recorder.

The trip was a very unplanned and a short trip. But we were with Krsna, Radha (Thaayar ) and all the Azwars, Aacharyars and bhagavathas throughout the  whole night listening up to the ‘vellai vili sangugalin osai ‘ ,  the enchanting loud and clear message of our beloved panjajanyam and the non stop bhagavath katha narrated by the vociferous devoted tides of Thiruparkadal.

Krsnaism is a realisation and an easier way to achieve inner peace and liberation. Nothing but Krsna gives ultimate happiness. Through the experience of Prem, adiyen realised practicing even a sloka of bhagavad gita can be more important and useful than chanting 700 in one day. As adiyen was chanting 700 slokas and singing prabandam, Prem was sincerely having darshan of Perumal😊 in His various Thirukolam. Adiyen would alsways fight with  swami saying he is not doing his sandya vandanam, learning pancha suktham, this and that. But Perumal seems to be very happy with the sincere services rendered by Prem and revealed Himself to Prem. Perhaps, adiyen sould also develop the bava of being very humble like Prem and experience Krsna even closer.

Adiyen also realised that to a wife, husband is krsna. The thirunamam of Prem given by Acharyar is also Krsna😊 May be, Krsna wanted to see Him only in Prem 😊  In order to fulfil the wish of his wife in experiencing Krsna, Prem hardly slept for nearly four days (driving , driving , driving around P M suburbs taking us to numerous lovely beaches)and remained completely awoken on Ekadasi day. Adiyongal also went to Cessnock Gokula farm on the way back and had an amazing darshan of Radha Gopinath. Prem swami did most of the driving and had to work again from Sunday to Thursday, no new year day off either. No wonder Krsna is impressed with Prem.

Even Gopis had many restrictions form their Gopa husbands in visiting Krsna and serving him anytime they liked. But many swamins adiyen came across, would go to any length to let their wives experience Krsna. Adiyen have witnessed many sincere husbands in our goshti who look after the needs of their wives by fulfilling their wishes and looking after their family in spite of all the samsara ordeals. Kudos to all the husbands who work tirelessly to provide better environment for children and wives to focus on sanadhana dharma and serve Krsna even better.

Adiyen realised Krsna will be very happy if we respect our spouse more, respect our elders such as parents, in-laws and relatives more and respect our friends and community more as Krsna is in the heart of every one of them.

All these realisations happen only through the mercy of acharyar.

Adiyen is sure each one of you also surrounded by Krsna and His unlimited compassion. Please take a moment and share as it can inspire people like adiyen who need more strength/sincerity to serve Krsna.

There is no wonder for great bagavathaaas to expereince the leela of Krsna, but Krsna is impartial and lets everyone experience Him which is why He is the easiest way to attain mokasham. Times can change, life style can change but Krsna remains the same, loving, impartial and ready to wipe any doubt from anyone when surrendered.

Adiyongal are learning to see the entire prukruthi(nature) as Krsna and Bhudevi. When we say Krsna, His holy name, the entire place becomes His abode and the entire experience become eternal. We are not big followers of hard core sastras, just treading along the foot steps of gopis as much as we can.

Sanadhana Dharma explained by Bhagavad Gita is a beautiful way to live and sustain eco freindly life.

Apologies for all the aparadhams. This is not written with the intension of bragging the experience of adiyongal  but to share the experience of being with Krsna like Gopis do as adiyongal consider them as our role model and try emulating them as much as we can. Above all,  Krsna dictates and adiyen lives/writes 😊

Acharyar thiruvadigale chranam!



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All about my dad

My second son has started to blog. He enjoys learning and sharing. He has written about his dad in this post. What a fantastic dad he has! Happy for both son and father 🙂 Please leave a constructive feedback. HPlease like, share and follow. It means a world to him, Thansk.

Dhruv shares...

My dad is awesome because he is a great cook. He is fantastic because he runs so fast. I think my dad is the best because he plays with me a lot. My dad is amazing because he gives a me a lot of money and chocolate. My dad,who is the greatest, helps with spelling. I think my dad is the best because he is strong. He is stronger than my mum. My dad ,who is loving,likes me. I think my dad is funny. He is fast because he is good at sports.I think my dad,who is the best,takes me to everywhere I like.

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A Very Strange Experience!!

We see Krsna in everything. My children literally grow up with Krsna. They eat His prasadam, listens to His stories every day and treats Him as the head of family.

Though they cannot speak Tamil, they sing Pallandu pallandu for perumal everyday. Even when they fight, they go and complain to Krsna about the other sibling. They will only listen to Krsna as well. Both my husband and adiyen would use only Krsna to pacify them. They are at least Krsna-fearing🙂

My first son will start his day with Acharyar thaniyangal, Bhagavad Gitai and Pallandu pallaanu after his regular sandya vandanam. He likes our sanadhana dharma and advocates it at his school whenever he can with very happy attitude. Adiyen do not teach much as I don’t know much. But whatever little adiyen is capable to teach, Krsna blesses my children to take them with such conviction due to the mercy of acharyar.

Even at temple, if anybody gives chocolates as prasadam which most of the times, to our misfortune, contain gelatin and are loaded with other non vegetarian preservatives, to our great relief and happiness, my children will not accept or eat them. My second son, who is 6 years old is very naughty and cheeky. He will pretend to accept it to provoke me but still won’t accept it even if I ask his to do so.

I know many parents would say their children sing very well, play instruments very well, say hundreds of slokam very well. These are the joys of parenthood and only mothers can understand what joy this bring out even though many think it is mere bragging. I see nothing wrong in it for these things only encourage children to do them more. In psychology it is called positive reinforcement and positive conditioning.

One thing that brings such a joy to adiyen is, they trust Krsna completely and treat His prasadam and Him one and the same. They will never compromise on prasadam:) This may sound ordinary for someone who live in divya desam but for children who grow up in western countries, this is such a challenge.

I consider my first son as the Guruvayoor kannan’s prasadam as we went to Guruvayoor first time in my life just few days after my marriage. Adiyen prayed sincerely to Guruvayoor kannan to come with me even if I have to go to Australia.

My first son, Pranav is also a very humble child. At least so far 🙂 in spite of turning a teenager this year 🙂 Today (November 9th) he came home and enquired me what adiyen would do if somebody slipped $50.00 into my bag and go away.

I told him I would give it back. He then asked me what I would do If I were in a train and that some body got down very quickly at the next station after slipping in the money.

I asked him straight away what the matter was. He said he was doing some school work on his lap top while sitting on the steps of the train. School children are not allowed to sit on seats in trains in Sydney as the tickets are free for them 🙂 The seats are for the passengers who buy tickets 🙂!! I wonder whether there is any rule for the passengers who buy tickets through discounted fair, like one leg on seat and another hanging!!!

When the next stop was announced, a middle aged man who appeared to be decent, went past him. For a brief second, he stopped by my son and he slipped something into my son’s packet and said “Buy a nice pair of pant or shoes, May God bless you” and then he rushed out to get down.

My son said he was really worried and scared in the beginning. Then he was taken aback as he realized the man had placed $50.00 into his shirt pocket!! This is a huge money for a kid, at least for Pranav as we don’t entertain pocket money!

When he told me, I did not know how to react being a community worker myself. I was very alarmed. I enquired to see if there is any risk of harm.

Why him? I was slightly panicked. I looked at my son and he looked fine to me. He wears his school uniform which says that he is going to one of the tops schools in Sydney, in fact No.2 in Sydney!! He carries his laptop (surface pro) and looks pleasantly dressed. So he definitely does not look like a poor child or under poverty!!! The only thing that might differentiate him from other kids is his shika (tuft / kudumi). So I was very concerned.

Even his shoes appeared to be fine though looked slightly battered. Schools in Sydney are of high standards and won’t let the students attend them if their dress code does not meet their standards.

He said his friends joked him that he should dress better 🙂, perhaps with designer brands! and even I wondered I must have ironed his uniforms !!!

As a concerned mother and a community worker, I called emergency and reported this incident. The police asked me whether I wanted to lodge any formal complaint. I told them ” no ” as I did not know the intention of the gentle man and did not want to cause him any nuisance as he might be really a loving and caring person. So no complaint was made against him but the incident was ‘reported’.

As a psychotherapist, I tried to work out the intention behind it the other way. My son might have reminded him of someone in his family or someone he had cared once or someone he had missed so much. Perhaps he might have thought Pranav a poor refugee child who is working very hard by the Asian/Indian appearance of Pranav!! or simply a reason he knows and only he can clarify. I tried to remain non judgmental, as my profession advises.

When my husband came from work, we explained what happened. My husband said I had over reacted by calling police.

May be. But I am a community worker ! The mystery man may be a gentle man and I do not want to suspect his noble intentions as I want to give him the benefit of doubt. Unfortunately some experience and my profession always make me little bit over cautious, over protective and over thinking 🙂

But still I was concerned as a mother. My husband and I told my son to be careful.

We are neither poor nor in need of such money. But we do know how this money can make a difference in others life. My son said he would like to give this to charity. We happily agreed to this.

Also we told him to ask the person to contact us if he happened to see the person again on train. We wanted to say our thanks to the person for his kindness and share our appreciation with him. At the same time, we also would like him to know that there might be other ways to do donation without scaring anyone 🙂. We also would like to ask the person whether he would be happy if we spent the money on Krsna and a charity run by our acharyar which we are going to do any way.

Let us see this from Krsna perspective. Where does Krsna come here? you may wonder 🙂

I can’t help but wonder such acts even if the intention is good. if the man has wanted to help, he could have donated to charity!!!! So this is rather an impulse act, not a planned one. something in Pranav must have made him do it 🙂 ( is he really looking very poorish ? , poor pranav : )

Putting aside negative thoughts and usual fears, I tried to see positive things in it. Many of my friends who are bhaagavathas told me that the person must have seen some innocence and effulgence in my son’s face. They implied that this must be from Krsna as they reminded me of the kindness in that gentle man is Krsna!!! I would love to think this way. But I am not very convinced of their suggestions 🙂 as we are nowhere near the definition of sincere bhagavathas, only trying our worst! We can do better 🙂

But adiyen told Pranav only few days ago that he should build temple for Rangamannar and udayavar in Sydney, Vamana desam as his duty to both acharyar and parents where Udayavar will be given utmost service. He was puzzled and said how he could do it. We told him not to worry and take prabhupada as his example who built many temples around world with less than 100 rupess in his pocket. Adiyen also said funnily that Lakshmi / thaayar would come by herself to build temple for her husband 🙂

I told Pranav to reassure (after a lenghty call with police) that it is just Krsna leela to prove that Lakshmi/dhanam will never be a problem if we are sincere. We realised even a small hut will be enough to conduct satsangam. Why million or billion dollar temple when all Krsna wants is patram, pushpam , palam and toyam !! So Pranav looked little convinced that he can build a temple for Udayavar.

Pranav shares his English birth day with Sri Ramanujar. On the day of his upanayanam, our acharyar gave him a book which read that around 1000 years ago, Sri Ramanujar was born on April 4th 1017. To our pleasant surprise, this is also the birth day of Pranav. What amazed us then and now is, only after Pranav was born, adiyongal took complete saranagathi at our Acharyar’s lotus feet and realized the importance of taking panchasamskaram and being a Sri Vaishnava.

Pranav’s school was quite opposite to Radha Gopinath Mandir in Sydney!!

I don’t know if Pranav sees Krsna everyday but adiyen thinks Radha Gopinath sees him every day and looks after him.

“May God bless you” is still ringing into my ear. May Krnsa bless the mystery man for his helping nature!!! Because he kind of made Pranav to understand service to Krsna is the first duty.

May Krsna bless everyone!!

Please note: Please note the intention is to create awareness within our own family to realise and relate everything is administered by Krsna and live life as a service to Him. adiyen apologises if this post makes anybody any inconvenience. RadheKrsna!

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Adcharyar thiruvadigale charanam!


RadheKrsns all,

PS: Please replace the word I with adiyen and you with Devareer.

Many people ask me incessantly why I have changed so much in the past few years and why I should not complete my unfinished works which adiyen commenced few years ago in this blog upon other issues other than ‘spirituality’ . I asked this question myself. Hence this post.

Change does not happen overnight. A love and attraction on Krsna was sowed in Adiyen by my father who literally considered Krsna as his best mate. I lacked a guidance and knowledge to connect with Him the way I could find inner peace. My acharyar showered His blessings in this aspect which was lacking in me and helped adiyen connect with Him the way adiyen could find inner peace.

Coming to Sydney really opened an array of opportunities to connect with Krsna. I am very thankful for every opportunities that came along the way. Life in Sydney was very challenging. I grew up in a vegetarian household with a respect on conservative values and an appreciation on modern evolution of those sanadhana dharma. Even though my father himself admitted that he was literally shattered in the beginning to have only daughters, he also shared this with joy that he never regretted having female children later in his life when he realised that was the will of Krsna.

But being a woman or growing up as female-child in Indian society which is very male-dominating is not easy. One can come and say anything that the time has changed, blah …blah. But still men are controlling the world , not to mention about the societies we live in. I wonder how many temples, churches and mosques would allow a female devotee to become head priest or head of organisation! There may be few exemption everywhere but only few ! Even women will accept men as their leaders which is what they are used to !

I still remember the day when one of my relatives advised my father not to waste money on joining me in an IT course that could be well spent in conducting my marriage. The time certainly changed. The same person sent both of his daughters to engineering colleges several years later and I am glad he did the right thing at least for his daughters.

While I consider my marriage itself a miracle, the life after marriage is certainly more miraculous as I adjusted well with this system:) But living thousands of miles away from family had its own ups (??? ) and downs. Especially, when I was pregnant, I longed to be with my mother. I went to India when I was 8 months pregnant and came home(Sydney) with my first child who was less than two months old. Having Cesarean delivery and  raising a first child without ‘experience’ and mother’s guidance had been a big learning experience for me to later understand how powerful and self-empowered one could be in spite of any ordeals ! Only Krsna was with me nd is still with me whenever I need any support.

When I was feeling blue, I loved listening to good music and would listen to many kirtans sung especially by old musicians such as M.S Amma, Bala Murali Krsna, Maharajapuram Santhanam and SRB.

One-day out of nowhere, I requested my husband desperately to take me to any Krsna temple when my son was about 2 .5 years old.  Adiyen grew up in Kanchipuram where one could go to a temple where  they could see only Perumal (krnsa or Sriman Narayana, adiyen never differentiated them for that matter) and His associates.  I had been to many hindu temples in Sydney but none was exclusively for Krsna, the way a sri vaishnava would expect and which is solely dedicated to Krsna. Please understand this I am not against to other Gods or othr way of religious practice. I have always confided in Krsna since childhood and literally considered him as my best friend or ishta deivam, people from my era knows what ishta deivam means.

I would write letters to Krsna during Vinayaka chathurthi and put the letter secretly behind his pot belly for I beleived he would take the letter to Krsna when his clay Murthi would be dissolved into local well. Unlike my husband who is thenkalai, my father was a vadakalai and my grand mother celebrated Vinayaka chathurthi by applying big naamam on Ganesh. My father’s younger bother was also born on that day, my grandmother made sure gansesh chathurthi was celebrated in such respect that Vaishnavism was never compromised. Ganesh was respected as Mahabharatha Azwar and thumbikkai azwar literally meant only Ganesh, not lord Vishvaksena and my father’s family never discriminated the devotees of Lord Govinda be it Shiva, Ganesha or subramanya. But I never saw my dad talk about anybody other than Krsna as I grew up so I was naturally attracted to consider Krsna as my best mate.

Again I want to emphasis this that  I am fanatic or do not respect other gods. the Sri Vaishnava spirit is not to disrespect but to attach oneself to the lotus feet of Krsna. It is like a staunch south Indian who will go to only ‘south Indian’ restaurant even when an opportunity to dine out arises. Try this question with any idli vada sambar loving south Indian and see yourself what response you get 🙂 . ” Hey you cook idli, Dosa,vada, sambar and chutney every day. Then why do you go and eat Idli and dosa again ? “.

At least adiyen loves north Indian thaali(meals) but my husband eats only south indian thali even if we tour north india 🙂 He somehow manages  to get his thayir sadham and charannam (saatramudhu) wherever he visits, be it  a work related trip or anything else.

Krsna bakthi is also like that. If one tasted it, they can’t taste anything else though they would respect other taste. But they can live only on Krsna bakthi. I literally wanted a company with whom I could discuss about Krsna the way I would do with my father. My father did not have computer or internet connection. So to talk to him through phone was the only option in the early days and until I became mother, I hardly could spoke with my mother for mote than 10 minutes. Her world of ‘kitchen and recipes’ and my world of ‘ books and philosophies’ never existed on a same platform. Co-existence is something I am still learning through.

While I am very much ashamed now that I have held her with such little ‘regard’, I can’t deny the fact I was father’s daughter. My motherhood made me realise my mother deserved more and much more regard than adiyen has ever given her. Now she is a super role model, not that adiyen cooks and has developed interest in cooking but she never bothered to bother me to show interest in those culinary skill while I was growing through. She let me continue my dream of reading, writing and exploring the world through my little eyes however narrow it was. She is the reason I am a free spirit now connected happily with Krsna and our beloved Acharyar. She is one of the strongest persons I have ever come across in my life and I am proud that I am her daughter.

She was criticized and made fun a lot by many including her kith and kin but she never bothered about her critics and is still continuing her passion with the same vigour. I am sure I won’t even live up to her age nor up to her tolerance in putting up with social and personal discrimination. I am a water girl, will flow suddenly as a rushing river from a newly poured rain and will run smoothly like a canal towards paddy fields . I then would reflect simply in the reservoir of memories as a calm and quite lake. Before this stage is over, I will march towards the eternal ocean to embrace Krsna who is awaiting in thiruparkadal(Ocean) and evaporate fast to become clouds ready to pour again as rain. I was always like this and am like this and will be like this. This is how Krsna made me the day I was born and my energy level is not high and effective all the time but I try to see everything is Krsnaism, pivoting around the principles Krsna spoken loud and clear thousands of years ago in the form of Bhagavath Gita(BG).

I want to increase my spiritual understanding and spirituality the way my acharyar expects me to or would approve of. So I now learn with open mind to enjoy spirituality along with western psychology. I write as to reflect upon my own ideals, as a means of self-introspection. Hence blogging is just my outlet. I don’t really write to make others read my work or write for others to find some answers or pass time or even get appreciates. Even criticism amuses me these days as it helps to reflect upon why the other individual think that way. I am still a self-centered person attempting to liberate my own self and find inner peace. I am definitely not a saviour of any kind. Even as a mental health practitioner which is my profession in materiel life, I don’t advise how much my client is willing to pay.

I love social and community  work because it gives me happiness and sense of responsibility towards the world created by Krsna. I embraced Krsna and Krsnaism as one and the same. Community work to me is the reciprocal of the words I recite every as Thirupavai.  ” Karavaigal pin sendru kaanam sernthunbom” is literally my motivation behind social and community work.

I have plans to show my work to my acharyar if Krsna willing. If he thinks they are worth published again on blog, I will continue writing on those topic as I believe I have now a responsibility to maintain the school of Sri Vaishnavam which accepted my with open arms and liberated my inner self, jivathma.

So until then, I don’t intend to publish my old contents 🙂
























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Acharyar thiruvadigale charanam!

I am a tiny dot in the mammoth universe, slowly reducing even tinier by every second.

And I don’t know who I am and I don’t understand other tiny dots around me either.

I am often smothered by the intimidating nature of the world I am part of

And I get migraines every now and then while I munch upon the reminisces of life.

Neither could I grasp nor could I realise the cause of it,

Until I woke up one day with a realisation that was beginning to draw upon.

There are few pope who take things for granted and complicate their own life.

There are few people who find happiness by seeing others happy.

There are few people who live merely on assumptions failing to see beyond their sight.

There are few who are long sighted, and few short sighted to be able to see only within a range.

There are few who are blind and few who blind themselves !

For some the whole world with myriads of mysteries and hypotheses, seem to be a big bubble,

A Maya ready to be burst and dissolved into the blackness of Nothing,

A void that could consume all the materials that ever existed and one could ever possess!

For some, everything gets recycled including woes and worries, insults and sarcasms

as they cling themselves to the shadow of past, not the brightness of present nor the hope of future!

For some everything is Krsna, a blissful appreciation, sharing and growing experience

As they seek peace and happiness from within and carry it forward!

I have seen everyone from this group and have been myself as everyone in this group!

I am neither proud nor ashamed for I see myself an eternal breeze flowing through

The holes of the flute elegantly held by the lotus hands of Krsna who manage everything effortlessly.

I am neither shaken by such  infinite judgments nor by the finite Armageddons

For I see Krsna everyday, everywhere and in everything !

I also remember the promises He made to me when we were together

As simple as our own selves without any conceit at the lovely garden of Basil

That nothing stays as an image of past existence and frozen in its own elements as fossil!

With the vestige of His holy feet still upon my forehead and upon the places  I danced along

With Him and with his beloved Gopis, I have begun the journey of appreciating

The reality of every second that is strikingly as beautiful

And unique as the second passed by and the second that is about to set forth.

I am constantly being bathed in the glories of His careful creations and given

A warm but solid embrace by His lovely long arms that holds the simple bamboo flute!

Suddenly I realised I am not the breeze passing through the holes

of the simple and plain bamboo flute sweetly and securely held by His divine hands,

But I am his His simple and plain bamboo flute herself, RadheKrsna.



Note: I am a poor communicator. I hope my children get to understand what I attempted to convey through this proem. I try to reflect upon the reminiscence of life – past, present and future with a fear of vanishing into thin air without my children knowing who I am ! I am adiyen at the lotus feet of Krsna, this is what I want my children to remember me and I want them to appreciate humbleness of life than the ostentations however convincing, attractive and addictive it is! World can be unforgiving, unthankful, very exploiting, very very demanding and very very very intimidating but Krnsa never is 🙂 He is simple and giving. You don’t need to ask Him get things granted on your way. He knows what is best (to grant boons or not grant miseries). Let us chant, dance and be happy with Him. Happy Krsnaism 🙂

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Srimathe Ramanujaya Nama:
Acharyar thiruvadigale charanam!
Sri Krsna charanau charanam prapadye!

Janmashtami… A fond reminder of how far adiyen traveled. Often many mistake that being ‘pious’ means being ‘recluse’ or ‘very orthodox’ (I still don’t get the exact meaning of it, LOL) or being less jovial 🙂 No for me. To me, Krsna means celebration. He celebrated life wih such simple things.

Mayiliragu magudam (peacock feathers), moongil pullanguzhal (bamboo flute), vaayil vennai( butter in mouth), kaiyil Aval ( flat rice (poha) in hand), kazhuthil thiruthuzhai maalai(tulasi garland around neck), iduppil vEtti (cotton dhoti on his hip), maadu meikum thozhil (cowherd boy by profession), thozhamaiku gopa gopiyar ( cowherd boys and girls as friends) , maattuth thozhuvam aruge kutiram (humble resdience near cow shed) , thayir kaari yasodai amma (youghurt making yashoda as mother, maadu meikum nandan appan (cow herd man (farmer to be precise) Nandan as father) ! This is Krsna with whom I simply fell in love:) who won’t if they have any sense LOL 🙂

I am a fun loving person and I see no point in running or chasing after material desires or too much material desires. have I ever chased them ..Yes I chased them and now I chase them away to live life. I see my husband working from morning to night after achieving so much in life. He thinks he is still insecure and I really can’t help but laugh out loudly…! I want people like him to have fun 🙂

Once you become millionaire, your goal is to maintain those millions and try becoming billionaire …even if the whole world is given at our feet, we will long to start real estate in Moon, Mars and even Sun thinking hydrogen one day would dry out 🙂 sure which is going to happen and shame we only won’t be there to start capitalizing it 🙂

I see nothing real about these estates other than simple fun filled life at Gokulam. They, the cowherd boys under the leadership of Krsna had fun every day, no more fear of being sacked from work, no more pressure on investing on shares even for the sake of damn superannuation, LOL 🙂 In fact, their boss Krsna worked tirelessly to protect the cowherd community while they simply took every risk one could think of, imagine kaliya nadanam, going into the mouth of Aghasura, fighting with Bakhasura, rescuing them from Brahma himself, and etc! The boss worked hard and the rest enjoyed 🙂 under his umbrella. Didn’t He keep Govardhan as umbrella while holding His mother Yashoda’s hand also as a sweet loving child who was simply scared of standing alone 🙂 with such hefty mountain 🙂

They( Krsna and his friends) went running behind the cattle and deep into the beautiful forest and rested on riverside to share koottanjoru(potluck lunch at forest) they brought with them without any partiality. Equality & equanimity went hand in hand. Now I need to coax my children into everything with some high tech gadgets. Dhruva, here is the tablet and come take a picture with me, Pranav I will buy you a iPad so please focus on your sandya vandanam, children if you behave yourself, we will get you seasonal ticket for wet n wild. ( we did buy the seasonal ticket and hardly used it as these Theme? parks? were extremely tiring and exhausting). As parents we (we mean only ourselves = only adiyongal / my family) teach all wrong means and ways then we blame them if something goes wrong.

So we try to celebrate Krsna! Janmashtami reminds me of my childhood days when we celebrated like anything 🙂 such a blast with Krsna 🙂 I grew up in Kanchipuram where people (30 years ago) literally had fun. They made festive decoration by hand. we would even build a chariot for Krsna using baby(perhaps infant:) coconut (thengaai pinju, the smallest one) as chakram and some wooden planks as Ther(chariot). Streets will be filled with arisi mavu and chemman kolam and rangolis. Loud speakers will scream with such pleasure from Alwar pasurams to songs like pullaanguzhal kodutha moongilgale, Kanna Dasan songs(?).

All temples at Kanchipura divysa desams will be busy serving Kannan. Paatti and mother (grandma and ma) will be busy making yummy delicacies such as murukku, thenguzhal, cheedai, adirasam, appam, somasi, thirattipal etc(. We will be waiting eagerly to wear ‘uduththi kalaitha udai” which means new dresses that are offered to Lord Krsna first (they will keep it under his photo:). Think of diwali day, we literally won’t sleep as we will be anxiously waiting for the dawn to arrive so to get our new dress and parcel of our own crackers 🙂 No, we never had any clue about how small children suffered in sivakasi making crackers in the name of child labour so we enjoyed Diwali with crackers which adiyongal stopped doing for the safety of those children and mother Bhumi piratti).

Now partying has taken a different transformation. We go to hotels, avoiding cooking and cleaning (who will clean ? I just ordered some sweets and snacks online from adayar ananda bavan and Krsna sweets, many say like this when I enquire what they did for sri jayanthi 🙂 . Soft drinks and intoxicating stuff have become social symbol and status while watching some dabba padam or mokka padam (useless boring movie) with family has become a standard norm, not to mention about the time many spend in front of TV (idiot box ? or idiot’s box ? :). In few generations of time, the ancient and traditional customs will be utterly forgotten unless we respect them and educate our children to respect them. Our sanadhana dharma is the most liberating cuture and not at all conservative of all the religions adiyen has come across.

During Janmashtami children were happy to help me prepare cookies and cakes. They came up with ideas like Govardhan cookies and Gopi garland ( hill shaped ones and ring shaped cookies). Pranav being older kid did not want to wear jewels or fancy stuff 🙂 while Dhruv wanted to paint himself with blue colour face paint. I told him I would get them this week end and paint him blue 🙂

We had a great family time and read lots of stories together. I made sure children read me bed time krsna stories from baghavatham when I fell asleep as I woke up early 🙂 My first son specially requested me not to post his pics on social media which I agreed but could not keep as he looked very lovely with all his curly hair and dove like eyes , so Krsna-like. A mother’s pride 🙂 some white lies here and there, some false promises to break and lots of love on sanadhana dharma = Krsna Jayanthi 🙂

I hope these celebration will be a source of fond memories for my children as they grow up and will remind them of the rich and ancient heritage they came from. There is nothing to mask or hide ..everything is celebration in sanadhana dharma. “Celebrate Krsna celebrate life and celebrate every creation on this planet and be thankful for the creator ” is the message adiyen would like to pass onto my children. We are elebrating Janmashtami with Sri krishna Golu as well until next Sunday which is avani avittam day for our family. We are sama vedis so the Upakarma is on 4th Sep 2016 this year.

Happy Janmashtami and Sri Jayanthi to you all.
Celebrate and have fun with Krsna which means have fun with everyone as Krsna is within everyone!

Acharyar thiruvadigale charanam

Disclaimer : adiyen has no interest to advise anyone on anything. This post is intended for my children and family members to reflect and introspect our own journey. So requesting others not to take anything personally. Radhe Krsna:)

Please click here to see the pictures of Janmashtami celebration .



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Sri Ranga Mannar Thiruvadigale Charanam!
Srimathe Ramanujaya Namaha:
Sri Acharyar thiruvadigale charanam!

RadheKrsna Bhagavatha Bhandhus,

Please accept  adiyongal’s  humble namaskaram.


Adiyongal are cordially inviting Devareer with family and friends for the Sri Krishna Janmashtami Celebration.


This event is celebrated as a Navaratri (9 + 1 day)  Vaibogam/urchavam from 25 August 2016  to  03 September 2016.



Event plan:


DAY 1: Janmashtami and Acharyan Thirunakshthra Celebration      (25/08/16 Thursday)
DAY 2: Sri Jayanthi Celebration including Abhishekam and Feeding delicacies to Laddu Gopal     (26/08/16 Friday)
Day 3: Sri Nammazwar Thirunakshatram / Visakam celebration and Uriyadi Celebration (Dasami compatible prasadam served)   ( (27/08/16 Saturday)
Day 4:  Sri Krsna Ekadasi, Gita Parayanam with a discussion on it meaning.  (28/08/16 Sunday)
Day 5: Sri Krsna Dwadasi and Srimad Bhagavatham –  Churning of Ocean vaibavam  (29/08/16 Monday)
Day 6: Srimad Bhagavatham and Krsna Bajans    (30/08/16 Tuesday)
Day 7: Sri Krsna Pravachanam and Bajans           (31/08/16 Wednesday)
DAY 8: Sri Krsna pravachanam and Bajans          (01/09/16 Thursday)
DAY 9: Sri Krsna pravachanam and Bajans          (02/09/2016 Friday)

Day 10: Sri Kalyana Urchavam for Sri Sri Rangamannar and Thaayar and Subham.

Event timings:

Weekdays From 6.30 pm

Saturday and Sunday : From 9.00 am 

Both Saturday and Sunday are celebrated as full day event and hence breakfast, lunch and dinner prasadam will be served.

Humble prasadam will be served keeping the compatibility of the days in mind on Dasami,  Ekadasi and Dwadasi.

Note 1: Please bring only devareer’s love and devotion to Krsna.


Note 2: RSVP is highly appreciated but it is not a must to visit Sri Ranga Mannar. He is happy to see anyone on any day:) and on all nine days as well:)


Note 3: Visakam is the day when devotees sing 1000 songs composed by Sri Nammazwar. It is because of Nammazwar, the Sri Vaishnava bakthi margam had been established very staunchly in Bharatha Varsham. Especially the acquisition of  Naallaayira Divya Prabandam by Madhura Kaviyazwar through Sri Nammazwar marked a very opulent beginning for Sri Vaishnava chanting of Lord’s glory in Tamil.  Visakam will be celebrated according the ordain of Acharyar and Krsna.


Adiyongal apologise for any aparathams (mistakes) or inconvenience caused.


Krsna is looking forward to having fun with His friends and so adiyongal are.


Kind regards,
Adiyongal Ramanja Dasyongal,
Prem Krishnamachari, Shyama, Pranav and Dhruv

Please click here to see  the Past Janmashtami Celebrations. Thanks.

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